U.S. Credentialing FAQs

Discover answers to basic questions about credentialing.

Why do I need an evaluation?

If you went to high school and/or university abroad or if you already have job experience from another country and you wish to study or work in the United States, your diplomas, transcripts, examination results and/or job evaluation reports need to be examined and evaluated. This will allow your future school, your potential employer or your immigration attorney to determine the corresponding educational or professional level here in the United States.

What if my academic or professional documents are in a different language?

If your documents are in a different language, they will need to be translated first before they can be evaluated. But don’t worry! This is much easier than it seems. We can provide translation services in-house through our sister company Translingua. So, you don’t need to go anywhere else – we take care of everything for you. Please note that the translations will serve as a basis for the evaluation of your documents. However, if the school where you are applying, your potential employer or your immigration lawyer requested a certified translation, we can produce as many certified and notarized copies as you need to submit.

I do not have the original diplomas and transcripts – what now?

Do not panic. If you do not have the original documents, we can accept certified and/or notarized copies. You can also request new originals to be sent to us directly via mail by your former high school, university, examination board or employer abroad.

Do I have to go to your office in person?

Yes, you should submit an original copy of your documents in person. However, if you are unable to come to our office, this can be done by mail or overnight courier. But in this case, US Credentialing does not take any responsibility if an original document gets lost. Once the evaluation is completed, US Credentialing will return the evaluation as well as the original documents to you.

What payments does US Credentialing accept?

US Credentialing accepts payments in cash, by Money Order or by credit card (American Express, Visa and Master Card).

How long does it take to do an evaluation and how much does it cost?

There are different types of credentials evaluations, and each type takes a different amount of time. Expedited and overnight service is available for an additional fee. Please see application form for details regarding completion time and rates.